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Meet Sarah: Children's Yoga Teacher at BEAM ACADEMY

meet our teachers Jan 21, 2021
yoga teacher

Hi! I’m Sarah! I took the dive of my 200hr  Yoga Teaching Training at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic & haven’t looked back since! I was first drawn to yoga for the meditative qualities, the tools it gave me to handle my mental health & the similarities to dance. I come from a performing background, working mostly as a singer & an actress but I’ve always loved to move. When I’m not flowing about I also work in childcare & as a maths tutor (I know, but I love numbers, they just make sense to me). 

I love the variety my employment offers me, and feel very lucky to get to fulfil so many different parts of myself. I teach both adult & children yoga classes; and although it wouldn’t have been my first choice, I love the community that ZOOM has enabled me to build!

I specialise in Vinyasa classes (leaning to the Power side of the scale). I love how it brings you so present with your body, in touch with your inner rhythms, your flow & creativity! 

Favourite pose and why - I love to headstand! It was a challenge I set myself a few years back before doing my YTT, something I found SO hard but worked at daily to do. It’s a pose where I’ve really been able to chart growth in my whole body as it now comes so easily! - Also because of the advanced nature of the pose it really forces me to be present, and I have no option but to be totally in my body, and slowwww down. 

How long have I been practicing yoga - The last 6 years! From an occasional treat, to a lifestyle! It’s turned into just about my answer for everything. I’ve built a daily practice since March 2020..

Closet fan of..Buffy the vampire slayer (completed it start to finish during the first lockdown) & Batman! 

Childhood nickname was Topsy, short for Trisarahtops - inspired from the Dinosaur in the land before time! I also got called Sazzypants for a while but thankfully that didn’t stick

Oldest thing in my refrigerator is - a jar of sauerkraut I’ve been telling myself is fine because it’s just fermenting more..

Favourite flavour of Pringles - sour cream and onion 

My first kiss, was a dare in a tent when I was around 9 or 10 (with my primary school crush!!) Although two of my other good friends had also just kissed him and the romance ended there. 



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