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Meet Emma: EFT Senior Teacher

meet our teachers Aug 08, 2023
Meet Emma: EFT Senior Teacher


‘Being Neuro Divine and finding my superpower’


Hi, I’m Emma from Ela Nedra Health. I’m a multi skilled healing therapist with over 20 years’ experience. I’ve trained all over the world in a variety of body work and talk therapy techniques including Colon Cleansing, Herbal Detox, Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand and Reiki in Japan. 


Natural Health, Singing and Music have always been central to my life. I’ve been a healing therapist since 1999 and a singer since I could speak. And if you know me, you know I love to chat!

I’m passionate about healing all the parts of ourselves. It took me some time to connect with being ‘Neuro Divine’, and I always felt different for having OCD and Dyslexia. I now realise it’s my superpower, allowing me to see the world in a different and beautiful way.

I’m so excited to be working with Beam Academy, and to be able to share EFT with children and teachers so they can soothe themselves from stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

In my private practice, I specialise in combining EFT Tapping, Reiki Energy Healing, Coaching, Visualisations, Inner Child Work and Breath Work to help find more self-love and acceptance. I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher and teach Reiki regularly.


I first stumbled across EFT in Thailand nearly 20 years ago whilst on a detox cleansing retreat. The 1:1 sessions I had allowed me to access parts of myself so fast, parts that I’d hidden away so deeply. I knew then that I’d found a missing piece to my healing tool-kit. Once back in the UK, I signed up for an EFT practitioner course as soon as possible”


“EFT and Reiki have transformed my life in so many positive ways, If I had known these techniques when I was a child, my world would have been so much easier to navigate”


Emma has an EFT series on social media: ‘Tapping Tuesdays’ and also holds regular Reiki Courses, Reiki Share groups and EFT healing events and workshops in SW London.



Get To Know Emma

What was your first festival?

I once went to a massive festival in a desert for a week in Nevada, USA. I’d never been to a festival before, so thought I’d start with the biggest and most hard core one around;

‘Burning Man’


 What’s a favourite thing you like doing?

I absolutely love it when the moon is out in the daytime on a Spring day, especially when it’s Cherry Blossom season. I’ll go on a ‘blossom watch’ bike ride to find the best local blossom trees. I then just stand underneath them for hours, getting lost in all the blossom and bees.


 Tell us about your music?

I started writing and releasing my own music professionally in my 40’s! Two of the songs I wrote, sang and released on my own record label have been played on BBC radio by Tom Robinson; Radio 6 Music. And one of them was sung in Spanish.


What are your top 3 countries?

I’ve spent a lot of my life travelling and visiting the world, and can never decide on my top 3 countries I love the most to be honest. The first 2 are Japan and Brazil. But I can never decide on the 3rd, it’s either Cuba, Thailand or Argentina?


Fun fact about you 

In my 20’s and 30’s I used to go clubbing in London at least 4 times a week and dance to hip hop, rare groove and soul music. As I didn’t drink alcohol, I was always the designated driver. I still don’t drink.


Connect with Emma:

Instagram: @ela_nedra

Tik Tok: @ela_nedra

Web: www.elanedrahealth.com



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