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Meet Laurine: Children's Yoga Teacher

meet our teachers Apr 06, 2023
childrens yoga teacher

Namaste! My name is Laurine, and I am a certified yoga instructor in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

​Born and raised in France up until the age of 18, I moved to the UK to study law at university with the hope to make a positive impact around me. Whilst completing my degree’s final exams, I started the practice of yoga and discovered a deep and instant passion which helped in so many different aspects of my life, I started feeling the need to spread this passion of mine to my close friends & family.

Yoga brought instant improvements to my body, breath and mental health which made me eager to deepen my knowledge of the practice, not only so I could further my own journey, but also to bring to others the life changing benefits it brought me. Thus, during my first year out of university and working in a law firm, I realized teaching this beautiful practice was my life call and my way to have a positive impact rather than doing a corporate profession where my soul and aspirations weren’t completely fullfield.

Being able to bring this transformative practice to children’ lives is for me a way of enabling them to face life’s ups and downs with the most positive mindset and a sense of inner peace and empowerment that will always be within them.

Therefore, I proceeded with completing a Yoga teacher training program in the magical island and Yoga paradise of Koh-Phangan (Thailand) where I had the opportunity to study with some incredible teachers from all around the world at Orion Healing School. I acquired more in depth-knowledge about Yoga - its philosophy and historical roots, poses and their alignments, and everything from anatomy to breathwork. 

Once I graduated from Yoga school, I began to build my teaching career – first with close friends and family, then quickly expanding to a variety of clientele and classes,  including hosting gym classes, private classes, Yoga for personal trainers, Yoga for MMA fighters, Yoga for Weightlifters, Initiation to Yoga for beginners, workshops to reach deep backbends…. Yoga gave me a sense of empowerment and peace that I aim to help my students feel during each class.

Guiding each of my students’ through their journey and observing them grow in their physical practice and mental journey is what motivates me to be on my mat everyday. Yoga for me is my token of humanity, to teach a healthier lifestyle that will lead to a happier person that leaves even one class of mine. 


Get to know Laurine in five:

  • What's one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Practicing yoga always makes my day better. Whenever my mood needs to be uplifted and I am doubting myself, yoga always grounds me and allow me to process my emotions with more positivity and kindness.

  • What song always gets you out on the dance floor?

Afro-beat and reggaeton music have a special place in my heart and always awaken my inner rhythm.

  • Ideally, how would you spend your birthday?

The ideal birthday for me would start with waking up on an island with the sun shining and the sound of waves. I would start the morning with a yoga practice to express gratitude and energize my body and mind for the day. The rest of the day would be spent by the beach, getting amazing food with my loved ones and dancing salsa or other latin/afro dances, blasting music and sharing laughter by the ocean.

  • What's your favorite season and why?

My favorite season is without a doubt spring. It has always been a synonym of renewal and transformation for me. The energies brought by the sun and longer days has always inspired more creativity and a more assertive sense of accomplishment within me.

  • How do you enjoy spending your alone time?

I love spending my time alone creating yoga sequences while practicing with music that uplifts and moves my soul. I also am found of painting, there is something about expressing myself with colors and drawings that relaxes my mind.



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