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Meet Cristina: Children's Yoga Teacher in London

meet our teachers Nov 24, 2023
Children's Yoga Teacher - Cristina Esteban


Hola amigos!

My name is Cristina, from Spain, and I am an eternal playful child living in a 38 years old female body.

I started my adventure as a Yoga Teacher after an encounter with adversity - got hit by a car while I was cycling around London- in which I ended up with a broken leg (and a magnificent spiritual re-awakening)

Before this life-changing event, I was just doing Yoga every now and then, I was more interested in another physical activities, such as HIIT, cycling and boxing.

During the post operation time, I found out that the exercises I had to do for getting back on track weren’t really working and helping much, so I though that maybe doing a little bit of gentle Yoga every day was going to make a difference… and it did!

So this is how I discovered the healing power of Yoga combined to my own inner one.

I started my Yoga Teacher Training then and it’s the most amazing I have ever done.

I can’t say my leg or mobility is the same as it was, but it doesn’t really matter as I became in a much better version of myself and I found my life purpose.

So I’m here to share my knowledge, courage and strength and I keep on learning and challenging myself day by day.

I have been all my life very curious and investigating about all the magic and mystery aspects of life, the secret power of human beings, our planet and history and the mysteries of our Universe.

On top of this, I’m a very playful and funny person and expect my classes to be a “fiesta” where young hearts are going to be immersed into a magical world of joy, fun and tranquility, while picking Spanish phrases faster than you can say “hola!” 

I make every class a journey of laughter, learning and lots of love.

Let’s flow, grow and glow together in this magical adventure!

You can trust me, I’m a good witch.


5 Questions To Get To Know Cristina:

1. What was the best vacation you ever took and why?                                                       

When I went to discover the mysteries of the ancient Egypt! I have lots of memories and stories about it! I’ve even been inside of the Great Pyramid for a couple of hours privately with a bunch of explorers playing and investigating around! 

 2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?                                     

Tacos! 🌮 


3. What's your favorite way to spend a day off?

Going on an adventure with my partner, Brad. We love spending weekends driving  away from London discovering the most fun activities to do and interesting places!


4. What's the best concert you've ever been to?

The Rolling Stones last year! Mick Jagger is an example of living life to the fullest being 80 years old! 


5. Are you into podcasts or do you only listen to music?                                                                    

I absolutely love podcasts! I listen to them everyday and I’m absolutely addicted to YouTube channels about the stuff I’m interested on!



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