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Meet Eileen: Children's Yoga Teacher in London

meet our teachers Apr 12, 2024
Eileen Perrier


I first discovered yoga at the age of 17. However, it wasn't until after graduating from my photography degree course and relocating to North London that I found my first yoga teacher, Rena Nicholaou, and began a regular practice with her. It was under Rena's guidance that I embarked on my first consistent practice and attended pregnancy yoga and mother-and-baby yoga classes after the birth of my son. By the time my son was born, I had settled back in NW London. Then, in 2008, I stumbled upon Bikram yoga, which quickly became my passion. The heat and the 26-posture sequence offered by my local studio were irresistible. Yoga not only helped alleviate my back problems but also became a cornerstone of my mental well-being. It was during this time that I began to dream of becoming a yoga teacher, inspired by the transformative effects of my own practice.

As life unfolded and my work commitments as a Photography Lecturer shifted, I explored various yoga styles, but I always found myself drawn back to the Hot Yoga studio. Eventually, the studio evolved into Fierce Grace, offering a diverse array of classes that kept me engaged and inspired. It was one of the teachers here who inspired me to consider undertaking the highly regarded Fierce Grace Teacher Training course.

I completed the rigorous 200-hour Fierce Grace Teacher Training course on December 11, 2022, marking a significant milestone in my journey. Additionally, I am now excited to announce the next step in my yoga career with Beam Academy, where I will be working to share the transformative power of yoga with children.

It is now a privilege to deepen my understanding of yoga while also having the opportunity to guide others on their own journeys.


What's something you've always wanted to learn how to do? 

Make a pair of shoes for myself. 


What's your favorite scent? 

Geranium oil


If you had to wear just one color for the rest of your life, what would it be? 



What’s on your bucket list?   

To travel: Visit Dominica, Chicago, New Orleans, travel on the African Steam Train in South Africa and do a yoga retreat in Ghana. 


Do you live by any words of wisdom?

"Don't quit before the miracles happen."




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