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Meet Francesca (Pro Teacher Trainer)

Apr 28, 2022

Meet Francesca

Trained in Ashtanga in 2009, Francesca has experienced and experimented with many different forms. Her practice and training has expanded to include Yoga for the Special Child, Yoga for Children, Aqua Yoga, Mandala Yoga, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness. She is now a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. 

"Through my own experience, having worked with people of various ages, backgrounds and professions, Yoga has proved again and again the positive impact it has on their physical and mental health”

 “I love the diversity of Yoga and it’s effects; it can transform and dissipate negative feelings in favour of peace and contentment. It offers a way to clear the mind, giving way to a healthy and energised body. The synthesis of my life experiences have brought me to the place I now find myself in. As a teacher I like to challenge students to see who they are; to show them how to emerge more fully in to themselves by being more aware of each movement and each breath. There are so many things that I still want to learn and my list continues to grow”. 

With this firm belief, passion and extensive Yoga background to call upon Francesca set about creating BEAM ACADEMY.

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