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Meet Josie: Children's Yoga Teacher in London

meet our teachers Feb 05, 2023
Children's Yoga Teacher: Meet Josie

Josie is an Adult and Children's yoga teacher and mother to one miniature Yogi-Bear.

She qualified in India in 2021 during a year dedicated to self-care and recalibration.

For her, yoga is about connection. Connection to yourself. Connection of the mind, body and soul. Connection to your breath. Connection to those around you, nature and the Universe. We are each a small component in a much larger swirling energy that brings us all together.

That is why, it is so important to her to bring Yoga to little ones.  
Giving them the opportunity to move, breath, and become self-aware from an early age. Providing a toolkit to utilise and tap into as they grow. Nurturing the next generation of peace makers.

And if we can all have some fun doing it, even better!


Get To Know Josie


Have you ever had a side hustle or considered having one?

My life is a side hustle. I love to be busy. I am always looking to explore, stimulate my brain cells and interact with different people.

I am extremely resourceful and creative and currently own a small community taproom. Restore vintage furniture. Paint murals and teach yoga. Variety is the spice of life :)


If you came back in your next life as an animal, what animal would you be?

I'd be a flamingo. They are unique. A bit silly looking, hang out in groups basking in the sun and they are pink. 


If you have children, how do you want to raise them?

I want my little boy to be emotionally aware. Understand how he feels, be able to articulate his thoughts and feelings. Be proud of himself, and embrace all of himself. To not be afraid to show vulnerability and be a good friend who accepts others for who they are.


Which family member has had the greatest impact on you?

My son. He came via IVF and has taught me how to be the best version of myself. He shows me daily, how to appreciate the small things, use my imagination and to not take things too seriously.


Do you live by any words of wisdom?
Be kind always!



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