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Meet Maria: Children's Yoga Teacher in London

meet our teachers Jul 14, 2023


My name is Maria, I am 34 years old and Mother of a 2 and 6 year old Yogi Mouse and Yogi Monkey.

After completing my Masters Degree in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering in South Italy,

I moved in 2016 to Sutton, South London where I currently live now.

I fulfilled one of my dreams working in the kitchen showrooms as an Interior Designer and Showroom Manager where I introduced my creativity and passion for the drawing and architecture.

I'm creative, I love spending free time in nature and I'm a self-taught artist loving to create hand made portraits with pencil and charchoal and I enjoy spending my time in mindfulness activity.

My journey with Yoga began when I was a child. my father encouraged me in a sitting position to touch my foot with my nose and eventually touch my head behind.

I have always felt a strong connection with the word yoga since I was a teenager until I started practicing it regularly in the last 3 years.

I believe in the benefits of holistic therapy and I strongly believe that yoga is the best natural medicine for our body, soul and spirit.

Thanks to various circumstances, I remembered  my life mission to teach yoga to children as I believe yoga has the power to help them in their mental and physical development  and also in their emotional well-being.

I think Yoga has a decisive positive impact in their lives improving their balance, strength, concentration, memory,control of emotions and sleep.

For me, practicing Yoga is living in the present moment, it's a pure connection with my higher self and I'm very thankful to share all the positive benefits of this practice with children.


1.Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?

India is definitively in my travel bucket list.I have always felt a deep connection with this place and I am planning to reach 200 hours of yoga teacher training for adults to complete my life mission.


2. What activity instantly calm you?

The music! It has always accompanied me in all circumstances,I find my peace listening to music and relaxing my mind with celtic, tribal and ancetral music. I believe in the healing power of the frequencies and I find calm with guided meditation frequencies and practising Yoga flow with the right music.


3. What would your perfect meal look like?

My perfect meal would be a bowl with vegetables , legumes and tofu, smoothies with fruit and veggie or a plant based milk.


4. What’s the first thing you do after getting home from work?

After getting home from work first thing first is spend quality time with my two little children, create different learning activity with them and playing all together.


5. Which family member makes the best food?

Certainly my grandmother. I spent all my childhood with her, she was like a second mother to me. She always took me for long walks in the fields and she always listened to my interests.

She had an artichoke plant in the garden and every time she prepared the plate with artichoke and tomato sauce for me we were both extremely happy. It was my favorite dish.

She prepared it with all her love.


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