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Meet Sermin: Children's Yoga Teacher at BEAM ACADEMY

classes for children meet our teachers Dec 21, 2020
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 1. About Sermin

Hello, I am Sermin Erden. After my professional career as a banker I quitted my job and then came across yoga. I just loved it. I got my yoga teacher training certificate in Turkey and moved to London. After I moved, I did not know what I exactly to do and met with Simon at that time. He changed my life and here I joined his team as a kid yoga teacher.

2. My favourite pose

My favorite pose is Bakasana ( Crow) .I fell in love with yoga after seeing this pose in my first yoga class. My perspective changed toward yoga , it was challenging and tempting and also meditative and relaxing.

3. How long have you been practicing yoga?

4 years

4. Three things that are always in my fridge

I have an undercounter fridge unfortunately ( I hate it, I am living in the house, not a hotel, come on ) So I have always kept oat milk , egg and dates in my fridge.

5. What five things I would bring to a desert island?

Yoga mat

Knee pad :)


My phone

My hubby

6. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

My first nickname was Safinaz ( Popeye Sailman’s girlfriend) She was tall and so thin. I was taller than anyone at primary school.



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