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Meet Shannon: Children's Yoga Teacher in London

meet our teachers Sep 23, 2021
childrens yoga teacher

Hi, my name is Shannon Arcangeli and I am relatively new to teaching yoga! I taught to family and friends throughout lockdown and used this time to do a 200hr teacher training course. Due to my practice over the years I have gone from an accounting graduate to a full time yogi.

To me, life is a path of continuous improvement that throws new and often unexpected opportunities/challenges to learn from each and every day. This realisation is where my passion for teaching children yoga ignited from; as the world changes everyday life becomes more challenging especially for children and yoga is one way we can help them thrive in such a tough environment.

My favourite pose is Tadasana (mountain pose) because it once humbled me; I had done it so often since the start of my yoga journey and only last year did I unlock the true power of such a simple pose. It made me realise that a pose will only reveal its true power to you if you have broken it down and activated each part of your body and mind as you practice it. There is so much more to this pose and so many others than meets the eye. My definition of life above very much applies to yoga too. If I was to choose 3 words to describe myself they would be; compassionate, empathetic and spontaneous.

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