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One Common Struggle Many Graduate Yoga Teachers Experience

blog Aug 23, 2021
one common struggle many graduate yoga teachers experience

Many students that have completed a Children's or Teen's Yoga Teacher Training Course end on a high with the new found knowledge, tools and skills. However there are common struggles graduates experience, such as:

- Writing and creating fun class plans for the various age groups
Unless you're a super super creative person, you may find it difficult to create fun or challenging class plans for the various age groups. 

- Producing engaging and exciting yoga games for children
Especially when working with children under the age of 12, their attention span can be very short and do require exciting games to keep them engaged.

- Activity sheets, resources and tips to enhance your teaching
From designing colouring in sheets to a 30 page diary, printable activity sheets and resources can be a powerful tool to get them immersed into the yoga classes.

- Suitable songs and playlists for different age groups
Identifying fun warm up salutation songs to relaxations, or general background instrumental music when delivering a themed class plan.

- Marketing to stand out of the crowd
How do you brand your business? What social media platforms should you sign up for? How do you create your marketing plan to set you off?

- Contract documents and policies to start teaching in nurseries and schools.
You've sealed a deal with a nursery or school, but you don't have contract templates, booking forms or policies to send to your client. How can you obtain this?


If any of the above resonates with you then you're not alone. Many graduates and students never thought of these struggles before enrolling onto a course, that's why at Beam Academy - it's our mission to deliver a robust accredited teacher training course along with our Beam Pro+ plan. This plan is designed to provide you as a graduate of the Beam Academy Children's Yoga Course or Teen Yoga Course with monthly support and resources such as class plans, games, songs, activity sheets, documents, marketing and teaching tips, healthy recipes, discounts on further training and retreats and monthly zoom support calls in the first 12 months of your journey. To top it off, graduates receive 3 months free of the Beam Pro+ service. 

People who do our course are usually:

  • PE teachers looking to enhance their School's curriculum
  • A parent that wants to share the love of yoga with their child
  • An adult yoga trained instructor looking to start a children's or teen yoga career
  • Nursery/Teacher practitioner wanting to add a skill to their profile
  • Social workers that work with children with challenging behaviour
  • Other children's or teen's service provider looking to add value to their services

If you're interested in finding out more about Beam Academy's Children's Yoga Course or Teen Yoga Course and would like to speak to someone, feel free to email [email protected] with your name, contact number and course you're interested in doing, and we'll get back to you with a Zoom call.



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